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Publishing Help

Each and every project is different, so please email me at to tell me about your project, ask questions, and/or get an estimate.

How can Mind the Margins help?

Here are a few of the areas in which Mind the Margins can help you:

  • print file setup

  • ebook file setup

  • fine-tuning or troubleshooting for your already prepared print or ebook files

  • file submission to offset printers or print-on-demand services
    (including KDP, IngramSpark, B&N Press, LightningSource, & others)

  • file submission to ebook retailers (KDP, iBooks, Nook

  • print specifications/guidelines for cover and/or interior design

  • obtaining ISBN (including barcode) or Library of Congress number (LCCN)

  • recommendations for editing services

  • recommendations for print-on-demand services

  • understanding ebooks

Already have a formatted manuscript or published book?

For $75, Mind the Margins can assess your existing file,
whether it's a cover design, page design/layout, or ebook.

2 of these 3 formats reviewed for $125.

All 3 of these formats reviewed for $180.

Each file type reviewed would receive a brief write-up
providing my honest assessment and any suggestions for updating your file(s).


  • Fiction

  • Business

  • Cookbook

  • Textbook

  • Medical

  • Memoir

  • Music


  • Children's Illustrated

  • Children's Chapter

  • Spiritual

  • Workbook

  • Journal

  • Nature/Science

  • History


Cover Design 


Page Design


Ebook Conversion

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