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Cover Design 
 Step 1 

Contact Lorie by email and tell her about your book: Do you need a cover design for print? for ebook? For print, what size would you like your book to be? Do you know which printer or print-on-demand service you might be using?


An estimate will be provided for your specific project.

(It's ok if you don't know the answers to some of these questions. Lorie can provide guidance, as needed, too.)

 Step 3 

Typically within about 5-10 business days, you'll receive front cover design options to begin the process.


You'll be asked to decide what you like or dislike about each cover - colors, fonts, general layout, images (if any) - and whether you'd like to mix and match elements between the covers or see new ideas inspired by what you've seen so far.


The process continues until a front cover design is selected and finalized.



Ebook Covers (front cover only)
Start at $450

Covers for Paperback OR Hardcover (no dust jacket)
Start at $700

Covers for Paperback with flaps
OR Hardcover with dust jacket

Start at $850

Please contact us for an estimate specific to your particular project and/or for additional samples of previous work.

Note: Lorie is not an illustrator and cannot provide original illustrations. As a graphic designer, she can work with any images you provide and/or assist you in finding appropriate stock photos/imagery to create unique looks for your book.

Phone consultations are NOT included in  pricing and are only offered occasionally at a premium rate. Over 10 years of book design, Lorie has found online communication to be much more effective for the work required and for overall project management.


  • Fiction

  • Business

  • Cookbook

  • Textbook

  • Medical

  • Memoir

  • Music


  • Children's Illustrated

  • Children's Chapter

  • Spiritual

  • Workbook

  • Journal

  • Nature/Science

  • History

 Step 2 

You will receive a project contract and be asked to provide more info about your book.

What is your book about? What do you want your cover to convey? How do you envision your cover? Are there other book covers or styles that you are drawn to? Who is your target audience?

At this point, you may also provide any images or illustrations you'd like to consider for the cover and/or, if included in the contract, Lorie may search for stock images/illustrations. (Please note that Lorie is not an illustrator.)

 Step 4 

For print books, the spine and back cover will be provided at this time OR once your book's pages are complete, since page count determines spine width.

The final print-ready cover file will be a PDF. Other digital versions of the file (jpg, png, tiff)  can be provided for marketing and/or ebook. Source files (Photoshop or InDesign files) are also available upon request.

Your cover will be ready to submit to the printer/print-on-demand service or to be included in/with your ebook.


Mind the Margins will remain available to address any necessary changes desired upon review of the print proof copy or ebook versions.


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Ebook Conversion


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