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Print Books
Start at $250 for simple formatting of books less than 100 pages (text-only books - no images, tables, etc.)

Illustrated Children's Books
Start at $500 for 24-28 pages with illustrations provided.


Note: Lorie is not an illustrator and cannot provide original illustrations. As a graphic designer, she can work with any images you provide and/or assist you in finding appropriate stock photos/imagery.

Phone consultations are NOT included in  pricing and are only offered occasionally at a premium rate. Over 10 years of book design, Lorie has found online communication to be much more effective for the work required and for overall project management.

Prices for print projects generally range from $250 to $1500, depending on level of formatting required, number of images/illustrations, and other factors.

Please contact Lorie for an estimate specific to your particular project and/or for samples of previous work.

& typesetting


  • Fiction

  • Business

  • Cookbook

  • Textbook

  • Medical

  • Memoir

  • Music


  • Children's Illustrated

  • Children's Chapter

  • Spiritual

  • Workbook

  • Journal

  • Nature/Science

  • History

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Cover Design


Ebook Conversion


Publishing Help

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