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Mind the Margins

 Professional Book Design 
 & Ebook Conversion Services 


Mind the Margins

. . . is a provider of professional publishing services, owned and operated by Lorie DeWorken. 

. . . is focused on the complete book design and publishing experience - for both print and ebook. The goal is to impactfully deliver a book's message through the impressions made by the overall book package - book covers, pages, and digital presentation.

. . . designs and builds books across all genres (novels, business books, gift books, motivational books, memoirs, textbooks, children's picture books, children's chapter books, cookbooks, poetry books, and more).

. . . provides beautiful designs that are a pleasure to read across all formats, starting with your words and extending to and through each part of the page.


Using font (typography) and design elements/illustrations to create an engaging visual that conveys the personality of your book

Optimizing a book's print version or original manuscript in a design formatted specifically for e-readers (Kindle, epub, etc.)


Design/formatting of
key page elements and
layout of a book's text
in preparation
for print publication



Assisting independent
and small publishers in
navigation and fulfillment
of all phases of
the publishing process.


I love books. I love words. Once upon a time I thought my love affair with books was just about reading them. Then the evolution of books began changing everything in the publishing world - and in mine, too.

My career started in advertising and media, where I spent nearly 10 years, then evolved into publishing where I've been since 2009. In providing publishing services, I've had the privilege of working on hundreds of books and ebooks and assisting dozens of authors and small publishers through the publishing process. I've followed the trends in self-publishing and the developments in ebooks - and enjoyed every minute of it. 

​​​Print book or PDF for web distribution - I love both because of all the design possibilities! Kindle file or epub - I love the challenge of HTML and knowing that ebooks can (and should) be beautiful too! Most of all, I love helping people create books, love helping people share their ideas, stories, lives in print - actual AND virtual - and I'd love to help you.

Self-publishing can be a confusing landscape. Get help from someone familiar with the terrain - an advocate and guide for turning your manuscript into a real, live book!


Contact me at lorie@mindthemargins.com today for more information about how Mind the Margins can help you!



The WindWord Group

"Lorie at Mind the Margins has done outstanding work for us, converting several print books to Ebook version, including our latest, Unsubscribe from Anxiety (October 2019). She is responsive, conscientious, and delivers a book of extremely high quality."

Cam Tripp, Author

"Lorie was extremely good at communicating throughout the project even as I had a few changes to the timing. Her expertise and willingness to accept feedback was fantastic!"

Michelle Kennedy, Author

"She helped me convert my book to an EPUB file with 32 pictures and different fonts. It looks beautiful. She communicated and was clear on deadlines that she met. I highly recommend!"

Vicki Morris, Author

"Lorie provided high quality work and has always delivered on time. Her turn-around time is fantastic and communicates every step of the way. Highly recommended and looking forward to working with her again on our next project."

Stacey Reid, Author

"Lorie was exactly what I was looking for. Her experience in the area I needed help was perfect. She was easy to talk with and her work was superb. I would highly recommend Lorie and I look forward to working with her again."

John Fraser, Author

"Lorie is amazing to work with. She took the project very seriously and was very detailed through the process. Her work was top notch and I'm very happy I found her."

Brandon Toews, Musora Media, Inc.

"Lorie did an incredible job on our project. We will definitely be working with her in the future!"

R W Jaeger, Author of The Trilogy of Light series

"Lorie accepted my three award-winning novels for conversion to ebooks, and she didn't quit when numerous phantom formatting errors popped up. A corporate ebook developer had taken up this project a year earlier, and they didn't have the skills to complete the work."

Jon "Jujimufu" Call, Acrobatics Expert, Bodybuilder, Author

"Lorie was perfect. She created exactly what I had envisioned in my head pretty quickly. Her first 3 page options she provided nailed it on the first try so there wasn't much for me to say except "good to go!" will be getting her to do my next ebooks!"

L.S. Smith, Author

"One of the best experiences I've had on Upwork has been with Lorie. Not only highly professional and good at her craft, but just a very nice gal to work with. She went above and beyond the call of duty to offer fantastic advise and expertise to me and I am extremely happy I hired her. You can't find a better person to help you with your Ebook, thanks Lorie!"

Cheryl Lacey, Educational Consultant, Author

"Lorie is extremely talented and has a professional style that fosters a genuine working relationship. Highly recommended. It was a delight working with her."

Erika Oppenheimer, Author

"Lorie is fantastic!!! Her initial product is wonderful, and she is responsive to feedback that gets you where you want to see the end result. Thanks so much for all your time and dedication, Lorie!! I so appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you!"

Misha Yurchenko, Author

"Lorie created a beautiful, print-ready paperback design for my new book. We went through a couple of versions together until we agreed on the best format. Excellent work."

Nathan Jones, Author

"Lorie is the best. She did an excellent job, and thought of things I hadn't thought of. Felt so good knowing my project was in her capable hands. If you do not hire her, you do so at your own peril. :)"

Elizabeth McKenna, Author

"Lorie is a pleasure to work with, always willing to make changes until I'm satisfied. I am particularly impressed with how she designed the print versions of my books. Her font and layout choices really added to the overall professional look of the books, which is very important for an independent author."

Erik Qualman, Author

"Lorie was joy to work with. I would definitely hire her again as she treated it like a partnership and offered proactive solutions to any challenges we faced."

Tommy Angelo, Poker Coach, Author

"Lorie was perfectly efficient and patient. And the work itself was excellent. All my fears and worries melted away."

Jacqui Lamplugh, Naturopath, Lecturer, Women's Health/Natural Fertility Expert

"Lorie Was fantastic to work with. She created such a professional looking ebook. She was so easy to work with and I would highly recommend her."

Robert Hoyman, Author

"Lorie performed the duties of the contract with exceptional professionalism. She provided much-needed support and guidance throughout the process. Her expertise in the file preparation process was so valuable to a first-time indie publisher. I would certainly use Lorie's services again in the future and strongly recommend her without reservation."

Sharon Randall, Author

"Lorie was exactly what I needed -- someone with experience and deep knowledge in how to prepare book files (print, pdf and ebook) for uploading to Amazon's KDP platform. I had nothing, other than what I had written, and she quickly prepared the files perfectly (never an issue submitting them to Amazon) and she coached me and directed me on what I needed to do and next steps. There are many competent individuals on Upwork, but with Lorie I feel like I hit the jackpot."